Graphic designer working on a book cover and interior design for life story and business book writers

What to Expect When Working with a Graphic Designer

Graphic designer working on a book cover and interior design for life story and business book writers
A graphic desginer can bring a professional look and feel to your book.

What to expect from your professional graphic designer

Sometimes, you may want an extra pair of eyes to confirm that your book has the look and feel you want. Here’s how to make the most of your time with one of DIYBook’s professional graphic designers.

How a professional graphic designer can help  

One of our professional graphic designers can help you with many of the book’s visual elements, including the following: 

  • Create a book cover that is visually appealing and representative of the content of your book.
  • Design the interior of your book, including the layout of the pages and the use of images.

A graphic designer can provide a professional look and feel to your book. 

What you can expect working with a professional graphic designer:

You can purchase time with our professional graphic designer in 5-hour increments. Log onto your Author Account, click on Services, and follow the prompts.

Here’s how you can prepare for your session with your graphic designer. 

Put together a list of tasks you’d like your graphic designer to address. That could include:

  • Be clear about your goals. Are you looking for a fresh pair of eyes to scan your work, or are you looking for more help with image layout? Knowing your goals will ensure your graphic designer can help you as efficiently as possible. 
  • Gather your materials, including any images you want to use and any other relevant items.
  • Use your hours. We recommend that you don’t spread your use of the time out too much—we have found that clients benefit most from this service when they focus on their project in a specific period.

You may need more than five hours to meet your needs. A graphic designer may only need five hours if you want your designer to conduct a final review of your book for visual appeal. Designing a unique cover, integrating photos, and developing a special layout of your book will likely require many more hours.

  • You will see how many hours your graphic designer spends on your project—our team clocks their time when they work on a project, which is visible to you to ensure total transparency.

When it’s still too complicated—what then?

If you would prefer professionals to handle your entire project, our partners at In Ink Ghostwriting can provide bespoke graphic design and ghostwriting services.

Contact them at writing@ininkghostwriting.com. Authors with active accounts at DIYBook receive a 10% discount on their services by using the code HELP10.

Author Barabara Basbanes Richter, Founder of DIYBook
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Barbara is a fluent French speaker, and her translation from French to English of Mademoiselle de Malepeire was called a “clever, inspiring gem.”

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