Record your
family history

Preserve your memories for future generations.

Get closer to your family by learning more about them.

DIYBook makes a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays.

Write your own book

You have a story. DIYBook can help you write it.

DIYBook is an affordable, easy-to-use book writing solution for life stories and business books.

Get started today for as low as $89!

Be the authority

If you write it, you’re the expert. A book is your calling card to securing leads and speaking engagements, and can help grow your business.

How to Write Your Own Books

DIYBook offers two membership programs: Life Story and Business Book

Sign up with DIYBook to create an author account and follow these steps:

Weekly book writing prompts from DIYBook

Weekly prompts

DIYBook will email you an inspiring weekly writing prompt.

Write stories online in your author account

Log in and write

Write your own story online, in your private Author Account.

Book printing services available when your book is complete!

Print and publish

Congratulations, Author! Now it’s time to print and ship your book right to your door.

In as little as one year, you can write your own book

when you build daily writing habits and follow our system!


DIYBook offers two memberships programs: Life story and Business book

Online book writing software for life stories

Life story

Share your story with friends and family.

Business book writing website

Business book

If you write it, you’re the expert. Show the world they should work with you.

Why write a life story book?

DIYBook makes a great gift Birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, or anytime you want to say “I love you, tell me your story!”

Preserve your story Writing your life story is the careful weaving of stories and memories, bridging the past and present for future generations.

Get writing and editing help when you need it Feeling overwhelmed? Our team of professionals can take your book from good to great.

Preserve memories when you write your own life story book with DIYBook
Share your expertise when you write your business book with DIYBook

Why write a business book?

Expertise! If you write it, you’re the expert. Show the world they should hire you.

Sales! Show customers why they should buy your product or use your service by writing a great book.

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Lots of people have great stories but simply can’t afford the thousands of dollars it costs to hire a professional ghostwriter. DIYBook was created by professional ghostwriters who realized there needs to be an affordable solution to help people write their stories. DIYBook stripped the ghostwriting process down to its elements by providing Authors all the tools they need to write their book themselves at a fraction of the cost of professional ghostwriting services. We provide you with a prompt or question, emailed weekly, which you can respond to directly in your Author’s Account.

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