DIYBook can help you write about your business and show your customers why you're the best at what you do.

About DIYBook

Hiring professional ghostwriters to write your life story or business book can cost tens of thousands of dollars, putting those services out of reach for most people. That’s why Barbara Richter created DIYBook.

DIYBook provides an affordable writing solution. For as low as $89 it gives YOU the writing tools professional ghostwriters use. When you are ready, DIYBook will print and ship your book to your door.

Writing is hard work, so if you need a little extra help, DIYBook can pair you with one of our professional ghostwriters for an additional fee.

And if you want to really jazz up the look and feel of your book, DIYBook can connect you with one of our professional graphic design artists.

You have a story to tell. DIYBook can help you write it.

Are you ready to finally tell your story? Let’s get started today! 

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