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Write about your expertise and show potential customers that you are the authority. Show your potential customers that you have the solutions they need.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur with a compelling tale or your company has a fascinating history you want to share, we have the tools and resources to help you write a business book that will pique the interest of potential clients and remind existing customers why your company is their best choice. Also, sharing business books with employees is a great morale booster. Everyone wants to take pride in the place where they work.

Our Business Book program is affordable and easy to use. Start your membership today with our 7-day free trial. You can cancel anytime.

You’re the expert on the struggles and triumphs of your company’s path to success. It’s time to write a business book that preserves your company’s milestones.

Types of Business Books You Can Write:

  • Company History
  • Entrepreneurial Journey
  • Here's what our business book service includes:
    • Access to our online platform containing writing prompts and other resources to help you get started and maintain focus on your writing journey.

    • Access to professional graphic designers and ghostwriters for assistance in telling your story.

    • Upload images and photos directly into your business book’s manuscript.

    • Share your business book with clients, employees and business associates.

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    You can write a business book when you build daily writing habits and use our system!

    1. Weekly Writing Prompts
    DIYBook will email you inspiring weekly business writing prompts.

    2. Log In and Write
    Type your life story in your very own Author Account.

    3. Publish and Print
    Congratulations, Author! Now it’s time to print and ship your book right to your door.

    You can write a business book when you build daily writing habits and use the DIYBook system!

    Sample Business Book Writing Prompts

    There are many free writing prompts available online. But will they help you tell your business story the best?

    Our business writing prompts are based on years of ghostwriting experience. A few of our prompts include:

    How do you understand your client better than your competition?
    How has your company evolved over the years?
    Explain why you, the author, are the ideal person or leader of a company to solve your reader's problem.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Business Book Writing

    How do you write a business book?

    Writing a business book—or any book, for that matter–can be challenging, but there is a formula to writing a successful business book. (We know what works from years of helping business owners and entrepreneurs put their ideas on paper.)

    Here are the elements you want to include when writing a business book:

    • Identify the problem your business or service can solve. This is especially important if you are a financial advisor, an attorney, or other professional who serves others.
    • Remember your audience. Though these books are about you and your company, they are really about your reader who is, ideally, your target customer.
    • Use the power of storytelling to share your message. Differentiate yourself from your competition with compelling stories that share your knowledge and authority in a way that’s engaging and enjoyable.

    How long does it take to write a business book?

    Writing a business book using the DIYBook platform can take a few months to a year.

    Here are rough estimates for how long it might take to write a business book:

    • A short book (40-60 pages) with a simple concept: 1-3 months
    • A lengthier book (70-120 pages) with more complex ideas: 4-8 months
    • A very long book (200+ pages) with a complicated concept: 9 months – over one year

    Of course, these are estimates; the time to write a business book will vary depending on the individual writer, the book topic, and the time the writer has to devote to writing.

    DIYBook makes it easy to write a business book with our structured chapter by chapter template to help you finish your book as quickly as possible.

    How many chapters should a business book have?

    In our experience, six chapters are ideal for a business book. Our program at DIYBook includes six chapters structured to help you make your point while keeping your reader’s attention.

    Of course, you may wish to write more or fewer chapters, ultimately, it’s entirely up to you.

    How much does it cost to publish a book?

    You can print as many books as you like with DIYBook. Below is the breakdown of the cost of printing one book:

    • Hardcover black and white: $34.99
    • Hardcover color: $74.99
    • Paperback black and white: $19.99
    • Paperback color: $39.99

    Your total cost will be based on the number of copies you want printed. Shipping is free for all orders over $100.

    Publishing a book and selling it on a marketplace like Amazon requires an ISBN—a numeric commercial book identifier. If you would like to purchase an ISBN for your order, you can contact DIYBook directly and we will help you.

    Here is some more information about printing with DIYBook: Frequently Asked Questions – DIYBook

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