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Business Books: 3 Ways to Create New Opportunities

Business Books = Business Opportunities

Business books create business leads. Writing a business book can establish you as the authority in your field. This kind of recognition can direct potential customers your way and generate other business, too. How should you write your book in such a way that will help you grow your business? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 3 reasons why writing a business book will help you increase your visibility to your customers, increase sales, and lead to speaking engagements.

The right business book will help your customers solve a problem or complete a job. 

Identify your customer’s expectations and how you can meet them. For example, Home Depot focuses on the needs of contractors and average consumers by providing excellent in-store experiences and value for the money. Home Depot doesn’t need to write a book to attract customers, but Brandon Turner at Bigger Pockets did. Billing his site as the go-to online real estate investing guide, Turner also wrote The Book on Rental Property Investing, where he shows readers how to avoid potential investment pitfalls and create wealth with savvy real estate investments. Turner claims his book has sold over half a million copies and, in the process, thoroughly established himself as the authority on real estate investing. Imagine what a book could do for your brand. 

The right business book will help your readers make money and increase sales for your company.

We know that reading business books can help you earn more money. But that doesn’t mean you should read any old book. The best books inspire fresh ideas and new perspectives. Aim to write that book–the one that sets you up as the authority and, in turn, generates sales for your company. 

An intelligent business book will help you secure speaking engagements.

Enough said. If you write it, you’re the expert. A great business book will help you get more speaking engagements.

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Author Barabara Basbanes Richter, Founder of DIYBook
About the Author

Barbara Basbanes Richter founded DIYBook, an affordable and easy-to-use book writing program. She also founded In Ink Ghostwriting, a full-service ghostwriting firm helping politicians, pundits, scientists, CEOs, professional athletes, and others get their stories into print.

Under her own byline, Barbara’s writing has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Daily News, The Vineyard Gazette, Humanities, The Sewanee Review, Fine Books & Collections, Literary Features Syndicate, High Country News, Ravishly.com, Westchester Magazine, and other outlets.

Barbara is a fluent French speaker, and her translation from French to English of Mademoiselle de Malepeire was called a “clever, inspiring gem.”

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